ECLASS Release 14.0


ECLASS Release 14.0

New content for ECLASS Release 14.0!

With the official launch of the new Release in December 2023, we provide significant updates in various segments that cater to the evolving needs of industries worldwide as well as the applicability of Asset Administration Shells (AAS) and Digital Twins.

Some of the key highlights in Release 14.0:

Product Environmental Footprint:
We have extended the existing ECLASS aspect, especially focusing on the block life cycle stage. Furthermore, we have added numerous Product References (PR) to the block, such as “land use,” “water use,” “acidification,” and more.

Segment 29 “Home Economics, Home Technology”:
We are excited to introduce new classes that address modern consumer needs. Classes like “29-16-04-17 – Milk cooler for espresso machine” and “29-15-02-18 – Pizza oven” offer precise and accurate descriptions for both industry and trade.

Segment 22 “Construction Technology”:
To better serve the construction industry, we have made various extensions with properties in the group 22-28-01 “Door.” These updates provide detailed specifications, enabling more efficient procurement and planning processes for construction projects.

Segment 27 “Electric Engineering, Automation, Process Control Engineering”:
We are expanding the segment with the addition of several new classes, including “27-44-02-26 – Module for industrial connectors (hybrid),” “27-39-02-02 – Fog machine,” “27-14-41-27 – Sliding door operator,” and more.

Integration of new AAS Submodel Templates as ECLASS aspects:
Based on the specifications of IDTA for Submodel Templates, ECLASS Release 14.0 provides in addition to the templates “Nameplate” and “Handover Documentation” that were already included in Release 13.0, four new aspects for Asset Administration Shells (AAS) and Digital Twins.

  • “Technical Data”: This Submodel Template allows a full ECLASS product description to be integrated into the AAS. The AAS can thus contain product descriptions of several ECLASS versions in both ECLASS Basic and ECLASS Advanced at the same time.
  • “Carbon Footprint”: By using the Submodel Template “Carbon Footprint” ECLASS users can integrate information on the environmental impact of products or components into the AAS.
  • “Service Request Notification”: In order to help streamline communication about service requests we have implemented this Submodel Template. It helps integrate information on service request notifications into the AAS.
  • “Contact Information”: We have implemented this aspect to seamlessly manage and share contact details within your data ecosystem. Whether it’s a manufacturer’s address, customer support email, or a service provider’s contact number, using ECLASS this template ensures that crucial contact information is easily accessible and uniformly structured in your AAS.

The Release 14.0 reflects our commitment to providing a continuously expanding and open standard that empowers businesses across industries to optimize their processes. Our goal is to support your success in an ever-changing marketplace, and we’re thrilled to take this significant step forward together.

Stay tuned for the official launch of ECLASS Release 14.0 in December 2023, and experience the power of precision and standardization for your business!

Published by ECLASS Head Office on 07/09/2023

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