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Classifying and maintaining master data via ticket

Why not outsource the topic of “master data” permanently? In the ClassCOCKPIT Ticket, you regularly provide us with your material master data using tickets. We return the clean, classified and complying to product master data according to your requirements. Benefit from structured processes, clarity, transparency and efficiency gains.

High cost and time savings
Customer-friendly and easy to use
Secure and transparent processes

Simply outsourcing classification, master data and their maintenance

You do not have to do everything yourself. Why not outsource your master data and use your time and energy for your core business?

Even though master data is becoming increasingly important as a result of digitalization, companies still consider it and its maintenance as an annoying obligation that needs to be handled. The required know-how is often lacking. Employees, who actually have other tasks to fulfil, must also take care of master data. The result is often poor data quality from which subsequent processes suffer. This leads to increased queries from suppliers and customers, high stocks and longer downtimes in the event of machine failures as spare parts or tools cannot be found. So, why not outsource your master data and let professionals take care of maintaining your data?

We at D&TS know what is important in terms of classification, maintenance and material creation.

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ClassCOCKPIT Ticket live!

In a free 30-minute live demo, our master data management experts will guide you through the software – allowing you to see how easy it is to use and how intuitive the user interface is.

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Functions of ClassCOCKPIT Ticket

Use ClassCOCKPIT Ticket – This ticket system is a module for processing global material master data requests in the form of tickets. Each request generates a ticket (single ticket or multi-ticket). Workflows are simple, secure and logically structured. Statistics and archiving of throughput times provide excellent transparency.


  • Upload of tickets in the form of a single ticket or multi-ticket
  • Definition of desired and mandatory fields
  • Property- and value-based search


  • Multi-client capability
  • User management
  • Control via role management
  • Help menu (videos, documentaries)
  • Various language selections (German, English, Spanish, French, Portuguese)

Data service

  • Classification according to a standard (ECLASS, ETIM) or self-made-classification
  • Mapping to catalog database
  • Enrichment with missing product information
  • Building of value lists
  • Automatic generation of material short texts through sets of rules
  • Automatic duplicate check


  • History of change processes (versioning)
  • Status overview
  • Factory overview

Export and interface

  • Flatfiles (csv, text, xlsx, etc.)
  • XML
  • Web services
  • Microsoft SQL Server integration services

Connection to ERP

  • Synchronization is possible on request
  • Direct recording or transfer
  • Different ERP systems possible, such as SAP, NAVISON etc.

Use our data expertise

As an expert in product master data, we have built an extensive network of trusted data sources, experienced data specialists and software-based procedures to permanently and globally classify, maintain and create your data in the system.

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ClassCOCKPIT Ticket a tool in master data management

Your advantages with ClassCOCKPIT Ticket

Cost savings:

Cost savings through accelerated processes and more efficient work.

Time savings:

You will benefit from structured processes that are mapped using ClassCOCKPIT Ticket.

Real-time overview:

All current and previous tickets and their statuses are clearly arranged. In addition, there are reports and statistical surveys such as ticket volume, response times or statements on processing quality. This turns ClassCOCKPIT Ticket into a knowledge database with a search function.

Customer friendliness:

Depending on the service level agreement, we process your tickets and determine the promised response or processing time with you.

Ease of use:

ClassCOCKPIT Ticket is available for you 24/7. Thanks to the structured processing and the automatic notification of status changes, every user keeps an overview. This facilitates cooperation.


Our system provides the interfaces to the ERP system.

Our consultants look forward to speaking with you

Please feel free to call us or simply send us your request by mail.

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