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Individual solutions for all industries

D&TS offers solutions for various industries on master data management, classification and electronic product catalogs and spare parts catalogs. Ultimately, the quality of master data defines entrepreneurial success. With consistent data sets, companies achieve improvements in almost all processes along the value chain. They have more up-to-date information and can make more well-founded management decisions. Using modern tools, based on KPIs (key performance indicators), enables organizations to make reliable groundbreaking decision. The goal is to reduce costs and to enhance efficiency.

We provide high-quality data and automated processes in various industries

Mechanical and plant engineering

Your goals:

  • Consolidating material master data locally and globally
  • Combining material group codes in purchasing with classification
  • Uniform material short texts that can be generated automatically
  • Increasing the usability of parts and assemblies
  • Efficient processes for master data maintenance and for ensuring master data quality in SAP
  • Facilitating and increasing spare parts sale

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Component manufacturers, suppliers and retailers

Your goals:

  • Classified and standardized products according to ECLASS and BMEcat
  • Acquiring new customers via e-business and digital product data exchange
  • Sales increase through integration into customer processes
  • Providing product data based on ECLASS classification
  • Competitive advantage through uniform, easy-to-use and classified data

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Manufacturing companies

Your goals:

  • Harmonized and classified material master data (spare parts)
  • Optimise stock levels and safety stocks through bundling and better forecasts
  • Implementing savings potentials in purchasing
  • Spare parts inventory and storage costs
  • Ensuring plant availability
  • Optimizing maintenance

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D&TS not only offers technical consulting on master data management. We also help our customers define a company-wide strategy and implement it globally. We act as consultants and implementers with an eye for the big picture.

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MDM Excellence Workshop
Proof of Concept
Training and education
Data governance structure
Classification / product group strategy
Process and workflow structure
Tool/system selection
Optimization of spend and ROI analysis
Customer-specific topics

IT solutions

With IT solutions from D&TS and selected partner solutions, you have access to a portfolio that you can use to provide and maintain your master data in an ad-hoc manner, throughout the company, ensuring maximum data quality. These independent solutions offer a seamless integration into your system landscape and can be flexibly connected to numerous other systems.

IT solutions with automation and high flexibility for MDM projects.

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Partner products that cover more advanced processes completely and efficiently.

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Optimal data for SAP S/4HANA

Easy migration to SAP S4/Hana using clean, valid and complete master data.

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Intelligent master data management for your SAP S/4HANA migration

You are about to migrate to S/4 Hana? Then you should optimize your data quality now.

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Up-to-date knowledge, TOP events and webinars evolving around master data management (MDM).

To the overview

Data cleansing – webcast by DSC and D&TS

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ECLASS Release 14.0

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SPS 2023

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D&TS is an international consulting and software company focusing on master data management and classification. With our services and an innovative product portfolio paired with over 20 years of experience, we are now one of the leading providers in this area.

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