Data Cleansing | The Key to Data Optimization


What is data cleansing?

The process of identifying, correcting, and removing erroneous, inaccurate, incomplete, or duplicate data in a database or information system is called data cleansing. The goal is to improve data quality to ensure reliable and accurate information for decision-making and business processes.

Data Cleansing with D&TS

Poor material and product master data can have a significant impact on business processes and costs. At D&TS, we offer our Data Cleansing Service, which cleans your data as thoroughly as if it were run through a car wash. We validate, correct and optimize your data to ensure it is accurate, complete, up-to-date, clear and consistent. This squeaky-clean, high-quality data forms the basis for more efficient internal and external business processes, improved system control and cost reduction.

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Data Cleansing ServiceStep by step to clean and process-compliant data

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Data analysis and -consolidation (pre-cleaning)

Data analysis and -consolidation (pre-cleaning)

We bundle and check your supplied data from various databases and systems. During the duplicate check, which includes an analysis of e.g., material short texts and description texts, we identify the first potential duplicates.

Data harmonization (prewash)

Data harmonization (prewash)

We analyze designations, assign uniform “standard names” for each material and harmonize units as well as dimensions. We will gladly support you in creating automatically generated descriptions and material short texts. Our terminology database facilitates multilingual translations of the texts.

Data classification (foam wash)

Data classification (foam wash)

We classify your materials to a self-classification or according to standard classifications such as ECLASS, ETIM and UNSPSC. In data cleansing, there is no imperative need to classify data. However, we would like to emphasize that classification can significantly improve data quality and have a positive impact on subsequent processes.

Data enrichment (waxing)

Data enrichment (waxing)

We update and supplement your materials with missing technical and commercial information. Important fields in your ERP system (e.g., SAP) will be filled by accessing our database and manufacturer catalogs.

Data validation (verification)

Data validation (verification)

We check your data for accuracy, completeness and conformity by applying rules and  quality criteria. In addition, we will perform a second check to identify duplicates to ensure the highest level of data integrity.

Data provision (polishing)

Data provision (polishing)

We transfer cleansed data to your target system (ERP, PIM, PDM, etc.). Our services include delivery in various formats such as Excel, BMEcat, JSON and ClassCOCKPIT files.

Establishment of data quality (sealing)

Establishment of data quality (sealing)

We offer IT-supported master data management and connection to a product database (ClassCOCKPIT Data Cloud). We optimize workflows and support data governance. Our solutions sustainably ensure data quality while optimizing your business processes.

Numerous reasons for data cleansing

Improved data quality

Data cleansing eliminates inaccurate, incomplete, or duplicate data records, improving data accuracy and integrity.

Preparation for technology updates

Integrations- und Migrationsprozesse mit anderen Anwendungen und auf neue Systeme wie SAP S/4Hana werden vereinfacht.

Cost savings

Errors in business processes are reduced through error-free and consistent data. This saves time and costs.

More effective decision-making

Insufficient data quality impairs decision-making. Improving data quality is critical to making informed and timely business decisions.

Simplified data analysis

Accurate and up-to-date data improves data analysis and reporting by minimizing sources of error.

Increased customer satisfaction

Error-free and up-to-date data leads to better customer service and increases customer loyalty.

Material master data cleansing is essential when migrating to systems such as SAP S/4Hana. Ensure a smooth transition and maximum system utilization with clean and accurate material data.

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Why is D&TS your partner for efficient data management?

Transform your data, empower your success with D&TS – Create data excellence

  • Cross-industry strength

    Our great strength lies in our ability to work together across industries and develop customized solutions for machine plant builders, manufacturing companies, component manufacturers and the trade. In D&TS you have a partner with comprehensive know-how to realize your specific requirements and guarantee your success in these key industries.

  • From consulting to implementation

    Companies not only benefit from strategic recommendations, but also receive practical implementation of their master data strategy with D&TS, which leads to sustainable results.

  • Growing product database

    Our ClassCOCKPIT Knowledge Database offers a constantly growing selection of manufacturer and supplier catalogues according to ECLASS. Access reliable material and product master data to increase your data quality. In addition, we provide current End-Of-Life (EOL) announcements, SAP-compliant product information and various ECLASS versions to optimize your business processes.

  • Specialized expertise in the ERP environment (SAP)

    Our experienced team supports customers from a wide range of industries with comprehensive know-how in data management and optimization. Regardless of the fact that 95% of companies use SAP, we provide specialized and customized data services for SAP, but also for other ERP systems. D&TS offers first-class IT software solutions for SAP and cooperates with renowned partners such as NTT Data Business Solutions und DSC Software AG. This gives companies access to additional powerful tools to effectively cleanse and optimize their master data.

Markus Kummer, Department FCB - Procurement & Logistics, Wien Energie
With D&TS, we have a reliable partner at our side who supports us in maintaining the high data quality gained through its data cleansing in our company and in advancing us in digitalization. Together, we want to take further innovative steps to further strengthen our position as a pioneer in the energy industry.
Nicolai Baudisch, Junior Consultant, Diehl Defence
We at Diehl Defence are experts in the defence industry, D&TS in master data management. We want to use this know-how.
Heiko Gebhardt, Director Product Data Management PDM, B.Braun
For B. Braun Melsungen AG, the classification of spare parts master data introduced with its partner D&TS GmbH is the decisive step towards achieving the necessary transparency for process optimisation. D&TS is a specialist for master data management and classification according to ECLASS.
Michael Oswald, Inhouse Consultant, Diehl Defence
With their deep understanding and extensive experience in the use and implementation of the ECLASS standard, D&TS turned out to be our perfect project partner.
Thorsten Kroke, General Manager, ECLASS Head Office
D&TS is a highly important partner for ECLASS e.V. With their deep expertise in Master Data, intelligent software solutions, and a strong focus on delivering solutions, we gladly recommend D&TS to ECLASS beginners and those interested. The cooperation is always on eye level and provides a real added value.
Carsten Stawinski, Data & Analytics| Enterprise & Business Analytics, Evonik
D&TS has always provided us with excellent support during the introduction of ClassCOCKPIT. When questions arose, customer needs were addressed promptly and professionally.

You are planning a data optimization project?

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