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What is a classification?

Classification describes a systematic process of dividing objects or data into categories or groups based on common characteristics or properties. It is a method that creates a clear and structured organization of information, facilitating finding, comparing and editing data. Products and materials may represent a classification by, for example, product categories, properties, sizes, applications, or other relevant characteristics. This enables companies to create a uniform and unambiguous description of products and to classify them in a clearly defined group structure. Classification improves data consistency, optimizes business processes and increases efficiency along the entire value chain.

Classification for technical products and merchandise

D&TS specializes in the classification of technical materials, commercial goods and services, including spare parts, construction parts, standard parts and electronic and mechanical components. Our classification methods adapt to your individual requirements and are based on existing or common standard classifications such as ECLASS, ETIM and UNSPSC.

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Which classification strategy is right for your business? Proprietary classification or industry standard?

The decision to use a proprietary classification or an industry standard is central to the data management strategy. Self-classifications are advantageous in companies that offer specific products or services, as they create an individual structure that is better tailored to the company’s requirements. However, self-classifications often “die a slow death” as maintenance is neglected over time. Classification standards such as ECLASS improve interoperability with other companies and systems by speaking a common language within and between regions or countries. Careful consideration of the pros and cons is critical. In individual cases, both approaches can also be used in parallel, with self-classification serving as the basis for a gradual introduction of industry standards.

Talk to us and together we will develop and combine your classification strategy.

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ETIM, ECLASS, UNSPSC & Co. – The most common classification standards at a glance

One of two versions of the ECLASS data standard is ECLASS BASIC. It has a simple and flat property structure. It can be used in various industries and application areas to ensure standardized product classification and facilitate data exchange.
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An advanced version of ECLASS with hierarchical property structure is ECLASS ADVANCED. This version is often used in technically demanding industries where extensive information is required for precise identification and selection of products, for example in electrical engineering.
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A standardized electronic data interchange for electrical engineering, consumer electronics, home appliances and related industries such as HVAC and plumbing is called ETIM. It also meets the requirements of building information modeling (BIM).
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The internationally widely used UNSPSC standard was developed in 1998 and has its origins in the field of enterprise resource planning. It is now used in numerous industries and applications worldwide to ensure uniform classification of products and services.
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Advantages of classification standards

Efficient data management
Fast and targeted material/product search
Cost savings through process optimization
Globally harmonized and unique product identification
Better decision-making through higher data quality
Optimized data analysis through structured design

Start your project now!

Product classifications are often neglected; reasons are scarcity of resources, lack of understanding of the importance and complexity, and lack of expertise. This leads to errors and inefficient processes. Companies should take advantage of high-quality classification of data for their business processes and success. We will support you with strategy and implementation. Find out how to get started with your classification project in our MDM Excellence workshops.

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Classification service and IT solutions for efficient data management

Discover our extensive portfolio of classification services and software solutions. We optimize your data structure and offer customized software to support your business processes.

For professional classification, we recommend thorough data cleansing in advance with our Data Cleansing Service, especially if the data is not yet of the required quality. Our specialized and experienced team will take care of cleansing and optimizing your master data. In addition, we fill or correct empty or incorrect fields in your basic data such as manufacturer, weight, standard designation, size/dimension, etc. with information from our product databases and prepare the data for smooth integration into your systems.

Our classification experts offer a comprehensive service: Analysis and review of your existing classification, optimization of your individual classification as well as the restructuring of a standard classification.

We enable mapping between different classifications and provide versioning of industry standards such as ECLASS BASIC and ECLASS ADVANCED, ETIM and UNSPSC. In addition to class assignment, we help you describe your products by attributes and characteristics according to leading standards such as ECLASS. In addition, we enrich your own feature bars as well as ECLASS features with information/values from our databases to optimally support you in the product description.

A sustainable strategy for the long-term maintenance of your classification is also included in our service.

After the initial data cleansing and classification, the D&TS outsourcing service ensures that the data quality is maintained at a constantly high level. This prevents undesired fluctuations in data quality and ensures a reliable database. This service can be easily accessed via the D&TS ticket system (ClassCOCKPIT Ticket).

With our ClassCOCKPIT IT solutions, you can maintain and provide premium-quality master data throughout your company. Our ClassCOCKPIT SAP enables simple and fast creation of classification structures in SAP. With ClassCOCKPIT Data Cloud, you receive classified product and material masters according to ECLASS at the push of a button. Our ClassCOCKPIT Classification enables manual classification, harmonization and maintenance of your data. You can easily combine the different modules to get exactly the performance that is optimally tailored to your business.  With our innovative software solutions, we facilitate the classification of your master data and offer seamless integration into existing systems (ERP, PLM, PIM, etc.).

Why is D&TS your partner for efficient data management?

Transform your data, empower your success with D&TS – Create data excellence

  • Cross-industry strength

    Our great strength lies in our ability to work together across industries and develop customized solutions for machine plant builders, manufacturing companies, component manufacturers and the trade. In D&TS you have a partner with comprehensive know-how to realize your specific requirements and guarantee your success in these key industries.

  • From consulting to implementation

    Companies not only benefit from strategic recommendations, but also receive practical implementation of their master data strategy with D&TS, which leads to sustainable results.

  • Growing product database

    Our ClassCOCKPIT Knowledge Database offers a constantly growing selection of manufacturer and supplier catalogues according to ECLASS. Access reliable material and product master data to increase your data quality. In addition, we provide current End-Of-Life (EOL) announcements, SAP-compliant product information and various ECLASS versions to optimize your business processes.

  • Specialized expertise in the ERP environment (SAP)

    Our experienced team supports customers from a wide range of industries with comprehensive know-how in data management and optimization. Regardless of the fact that 95% of companies use SAP, we provide specialized and customized data services for SAP, but also for other ERP systems. D&TS offers first-class IT software solutions for SAP and cooperates with renowned partners such as NTT Data Business Solutions und DSC Software AG. This gives companies access to additional powerful tools to effectively cleanse and optimize their master data.

Markus Kummer, Department FCB - Procurement & Logistics, Wien Energie
With D&TS, we have a reliable partner at our side who supports us in maintaining the high data quality gained through its data cleansing in our company and in advancing us in digitalization. Together, we want to take further innovative steps to further strengthen our position as a pioneer in the energy industry.
Nicolai Baudisch, Junior Consultant, Diehl Defence
We at Diehl Defence are experts in the defence industry, D&TS in master data management. We want to use this know-how.
Heiko Gebhardt, Director Product Data Management PDM, B.Braun
For B. Braun Melsungen AG, the classification of spare parts master data introduced with its partner D&TS GmbH is the decisive step towards achieving the necessary transparency for process optimization. D&TS is a specialist for master data management and classification according to ECLASS.
Michael Oswald, Inhouse Consultant, Diehl Defence
With their deep understanding and extensive experience in the use and implementation of the ECLASS standard, D&TS turned out to be our perfect project partner.
Thorsten Kroke, General Manager, ECLASS Head Office
D&TS is a highly important partner for ECLASS e.V. With their deep expertise in Master Data, intelligent software solutions, and a strong focus on delivering solutions, we gladly recommend D&TS to ECLASS beginners and those interested. The cooperation is always on eye level and provides a real added value.
Carsten Stawinski, Data & Analytics| Enterprise & Business Analytics, Evonik
D&TS has always provided us with excellent support during the introduction of ClassCOCKPIT. When questions arose, customer needs were addressed promptly and professionally.

Our classification experts look forward to meeting you!

Please feel free to call us or simply send us your request by mail.

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