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The new SAP data management

Data is a strategic key element for digital transformation. Organizations can only make informed decisions, optimize processes and drive automation based on high-quality and complete master data. In the light of the numerous advantages that high data quality provides, efficient master data management is an important strategic task in many areas of a company. The goal should be to permanently ensure the desired data quality so that companies can become data-driven organizations. To achieve this, it is necessary to establish appropriate processes for recording and maintaining master data in the company and to involve the departments involved from the outset. This is where Precisely’s powerful data management tools and governance solutions can support you.

Accelerating processes
Creating more agility
Improving data quality

Data Governance

You know that your SAP master data is a strategic advantage. You may even have established a data governance framework as well as a corresponding organization and areas of responsibility for the data, defined policies and business rules. But, if you are in a similar position as many large companies, implementing these data governance policies can be a costly and tedious process. This is where Winshuttle can help you. Use Automate Studio to design Excel-based SAP solutions, thus accelerating the creation and updating of mass data while improving data quality. The Automate Evolve software solution facilitates the digitalization of strategic data processes. Automate your strategic data processes with the next generation of our automation platform and benefit from faster processes and better data.

Automate Studio

Automate Studio is the premier Excel-to-SAP solutions platform that enables business users to manage SAP data in Excel for tasks like mass data changes and updates.

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Efficient SAP process automation with Excel integration

Training every functional employee to use SAP, or finding temporary workers with SAP experience can be a difficult and expensive exercise. Automate Studio eliminates this challenge by enabling business users to run and manage SAP processes simply and securely from Excel. Once a script is created, it can be deployed to specific users, departments or groups who can execute them from within Excel. And because Automate Studio adheres to all SAP security, user and business rules, you can rest assured that there are no unauthorized activities happening in your SAP system. Finally, Automate Studio helps minimize the impact of mass SAP data queries on system performance by placing limits on who, when and how much data can be extracted by users.

Data creation

Creating new master data (materials, vendors, customers, etc.) or transactional data (journal vouchers, invoices, etc) in SAP systems

Data maintenance and transformation

Mass changes to SAP data throughout your ERP system for activities ranging from vendor updates to pricing changes and more

Data migration and – integration 

Loading legacy systems data into SAP applications during initial SAP implementation or for M&A activity and migrating data from SAP ECC to SAP S/4HANA. Loading Excel data from other sources into your SAP ERP system or from SAP to other systems. Data such as vendor invoices or bank statements to name two

Automate Evolve

Automate Evolve is the only platform designed to digitize and automate complex SAP data processes across your SAP landscape – like, product launches, materials, customer/vendor onboarding and maintenance, G/L account creation and management, and SAP plant maintenance.

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Be more agile with a flexible, extensible solution architecture

With Automate Evolve, you can support the different SAP process and data needs of your regions, product lines, or business units in one workflow solution—giving you maximum flexibility and enabling you to digitize faster and make a greater impact. Our platform also enables you to build modular solutions and expand your automation footprint over time. And because Automate Evolve is designed for business teams, you can modify your automation solutions quickly and easily without calling on IT or expensive external resources—a benefit that enables you to keep pace with a dynamic business landscape while reducing IT spend.

Robust data stewardship

Get data right the first time and keep it right with an extensive range of data stewardship capabilities

Deep SAP integration

Get to value fast with rich out-of-the-box SAP capabilities that go beyond simple data connectivity

No-Code, Low-Code software

Make an impact at scale and be more agile with software designed for business teams

Perfect processes require perfect data!

By combining Precisely and D&TS, you will achieve optimal results in both your data and processes.

D&TS provides you with optimal data, especially material and product master data, which are essential for successful and automated process execution. Utilizing a workflow ensures that new master data is accurately transferred to SAP and is correct from the outset.

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Service for high-quality product information

D&TS offers a data service that seamlessly integrates with Precisely’s automation platform. This integration enables you to optimize data quality right from its inception. With D&TS IT solutions, you can create and maintain your material and product master data in SAP, ensuring it is always up-to-date, consistent, classified, and complete from the start. This forms the critical foundation for all digitization-related processes. By ensuring the high quality of your master data, you establish the groundwork for efficient and reliable business operations. The partnership between Precisely and D&TS provides you with a comprehensive solution that optimizes both data and processes within your organization.

To Data Service

Let our experts advise you and implement an individual process for the new creation, maintenance and classification of your master data.

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