MDM Workshop for Spare Parts & Maintenance


Classify spare parts, avoid machine downtime

Are you responsible for ensuring that the plant and machinery in your company functions 24/7? Do you know the most important requirements to avoiding longer machine downtime? How well is your company positioned in spare parts management, optimal warehousing, and perfect data quality? Our many years of practical experience has shown us that there is still a great deal of hidden development potential. Data quality is often poor because product and plant data are inadequately maintained. The most common causes are human errors, lack of understanding, insufficient standardization, unclear responsibilities, and missing processes.

With our MDM Excellence Workshop for Spare Parts & Maintenance, we will provide you with an overview of the potential of your master data and will show you your perspectives for the future. In this workshop you will learn how to cleanse your spare parts, introduce spare parts classification and optimize your processes with a modern MDM (master data management). This is the only way to reduce spare parts inventories while maintaining spare parts availability and still reducing (avoiding?) the risk of machine downtime.

Your challenges! Our solutions!

Many employees, whether in production, maintenance or in the warehouse, face the same challenges in optimizing the data quality of their spare parts. Which ones are you facing?

Challenge 1:

Machine downtime versus inventory

System failures can have serious consequences (delay in delivery, claims for damages, damage to reputation). Therefore, spare parts inventory is still often seen as the insurance against machine failures, but this means companies are often “over insured”. The excessively high inventory levels can cause capital commitment overruns in companies.

Solution 1:

Optimization of inventory in the warehouse

Increasing the availability of assets while reducing costs and capital commitment is only possible if the basis, i.e., the data quality, is correct. A data classification (such as ECLASS) allows you to keep your data in order, to identify duplicates and to find spare parts faster. This way, you can permanently reduce your spare parts inventory.

Challenge 2:

Shadow systems and non-inventory warehouses

There is an Excel workbook, or an Access application – employees often use their own tools to search for and maintain their material master data. This often results in data inconsistency and even losses of information. Non-inventory warehouses are particularly problematic because they lack transparency. A great deal of time is spent searching for spare parts.


Solution 2:

Integrate a single point of truth

Clean up your non-inventory warehouse. Provide your employees with a tool that combines all relevant information into a single point of truth that is directly linked to the ERP system. A simple material search via the ERP system makes shadow systems irrelevant. This way, you will create transparency in all departments while reducing administrative efforts.

Challenge 3:

Manual data creation and maintenance

Your master data management does not have clear rules and workflows. Employees who actually have other tasks must additionally take care of master data. This lack of know-how can lead to duplicates and incorrect information on spare parts in your master data, slowing down subsequent processes.

Solution 3:

Automated data processes

Integrate modern MDM solutions, such as a ticket system, which create, maintain and provide your spare parts ad-hoc throughout the company and with maximum data quality. These integrated systems support the traceability of your spare parts and the ongoing digitalization of your company

The goal of our MDM Excellence Workshops for Spare Parts & Maintenance

Together with you, we will create a department-specific understanding of the MDM challenges ahead.

Based on the status quo (ACTUAL analysis), we will develop, with you, strategies and specific measures for your master data management project considering your goals and our experience. In our workshop, we will provide you with the right tools to minimize your machine downtime, calculate an efficient warehouse utilization and reduce warehouse costs.

Workshop content

  • Data analysis
  • Identification of duplicates based on textual similarities
  • Establishment of a classification (ECLASS, ETIM, UNSPSC etc.) for spare parts
  • Optimization of data quality through completion of spare parts information
  • Obsolescence and lifecycle management
  • Spare parts search: Find spare parts in your own material master instead of searching
  • Creation and modification of materials made easy
  • Data governance: Clear rules for processes and organization
  • Reduction of inventories while maintaining the same spare parts availability
  • Best practice examples
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Workshop process


Workshop target group

Department heads, managers, and experts from the following fields:

  • Maintenance
  • Warehouse
  • Mechanics/electronics
  • Production
  • Spare parts logistics
  • Spare parts distribution
  • Purchasing/procurement

To ensure the workshop character, we recommend a participants’ level between 3 and 15 employees from your company.

Your Benefits

Fact-based evaluation for optimization of inventories
Building a classification based on your spare parts in a demo environment
Direct consultations with experts
Best practice solutions
Professional data analysis
Duplicate results
Creation of a uniform MDM understanding/project understanding among workshop participants
Assessment of the status quo and development of the TARGET state
Detailed and specific recommendation for action with verified measures
Management summary and project profile
Return-on-investment calculation
Professional quotation
up to 15% less costs
100% transfer of know-how
up to 95% less manual effort

Free initial consultation

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