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Simply outsourcing classification, master data and their maintenance

You do not have to do everything yourself. Why not outsource your master data and use your time and energy for your core business?

Even though master data is becoming increasingly important as a result of digitalization, companies still consider it and its maintenance as an annoying obligation that needs to be handled. The required know-how is often lacking. Employees, who actually have other tasks to fulfil, must also take care of master data. The result is often poor data quality from which many subsequent processes suffer. This leads to increased queries from suppliers and customers, high stocks and longer downtimes in the event of machine failures as spare parts or tools cannot be found. So why not outsource your master data and let professionals take care of maintaining your data?

We at D&TS know what is important in terms of classification, maintenance and material creation.

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Less expensive
Higher quality

Why outsource?


Do YOU know this?

Until now, master data has rather been a waste product of your daily business. But now, your IT systems are converging, digitalization projects are being planned or a migration is upcoming. And all of a sudden, your incorrect and incomplete master data become a focus. Suddenly, poor master data quality is the stumbling block to efficient business processes, the source of errors between departments, and ultimately the culprit when it comes to lack of customer trust. Lack of standards, insufficient information, misinformation and even duplicates in the systems become indicators of your poor data quality. You now have to clean up and cleanse this data with much effort and costs. Or we can do this job for you.

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Permanently save costs through outsourcing

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Our offer for YOU

As a specialist in product master data, we have built an extensive network of trusted data sources, experienced data specialists and software-based procedures to permanently and globally classify, maintain and create your data in the system. Our data service creates freedom for your strategic tasks.

  • You provide us with your product master data
  • We group or classify your product master data according to a standard (ECLASS or ETIM) or a self-classification
  • We provide you with our practice-oriented property lists which you can specifically complement
  • We continuously maintain your data by enriching it with required information from our catalog database
  • We also maintain their technical interchangeability, if required, to ensure more efficient use of your material inventories
  • We create CAD models or entire assemblies according to your specifications in 3D and in any file format for standard and catalog parts
  • We make 2D drawing of the complete assembly or individual detail drawings according to your required specifications
  • We create rule-based material short text
  • We perform the duplicate checks for you
  • We analyze and track your master data quality according to your individually defined quality criteria
  • We will send you the results in the desired format (CSV, TEXT, XLSX, etc.)
  • We automatically create your classified materials in the system
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Your advantages of outsourcing

Better results:

Our employees are experts in their field.

Cost savings:

You “only” pay for our services and save on expensive employee costs.

Time savings:

The company’s employees have much more time to concentrate on their core tasks.

High data quality:

Your benefits from cleansed and classified material master data clearly lie in process optimization along the complete value chain, such as: higher purchasing volumes, higher reusability of parts and assemblies, reduction of inventories, reduction of machine failures, etc.

Easy scalability:

If you need more services, we can quickly help you. Internal implementation, on the other hand, would require you to rethink your organization.

Secure and transparent processes:

An innovative ticket system supports the processing of your data. As a result, the workflows are simple, secure and logically structured. Statistics and archiving of throughput times provide excellent transparency.

D&TS optimizes your product data with current and additional information from its catalog database/knowledge database

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ClassCOCKPIT Ticket

How can you imagine digital and sustainable collaboration with D&TS?

We place great importance to structured processes, clarity, transparency and efficiency gains and therefore rely on ClassCOCKPIT Ticket. In ClassCOCKPIT Ticket, you regularly provide us with your product master data using tickets. We return the data, clean, classified and complying to processes and always according to your requirements.

To ClassCOCKPIT Ticket

D&TS directly creates your material master data in the ERP system (SAP ECC, SAP S/4HANA, Navision)

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