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Data exchange platform between manufacturers/ distributors and their end customers

The networked world poses major challenges for customers and manufacturers. Without up-to-date and high-quality product information, modern companies are unable to act. The ClassCOCKPIT Supplier Portal is an exchange platform between manufacturers/distributors and their end customers. The manufacturers/ distributors are responsible for setting and maintaining their product range – i.e., for the topicality, completeness and correctness of their data. End customers receive high-quality product data in a standardized format.

Reliable cloud security
Data quality at first hand
Win-win situation for manufacturers and users

ClassCOCKPIT Supplier Portal increases data quality and the degree of automation

The constantly growing amount of data, the high frequency of updates and lack of good data quality and numerous data formats (BMEcat, xml, xlsx, csv, etc.) are a major task for product data management. Clearly defined processes, structured specifications and comprehensive data checks with the right software form the basis for an optimal result. This is the only way to automatically integrate product data into the internal systems. ClassCOCKPIT Supplier Portal supports you in this project as a central platform for the classification and maintenance of supplier master data. Your suppliers are therefore easily integrated into your processes. Simple imports and exports of your data as well as an excellent authorization concept make this solution so practicable. Consequently, you minimize manual effort and increase process reliability through automation and standardization in your company.

ClassCOCKPIT Supplier Portal live!

In a free 30-minute live demo, our master data management experts will guide you through the software – so you can see for yourself how easy it is to use and how intuitive the user interface is.

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Functions of ClassCOCKPIT Supplier Portal

In the Supplier Portal, your suppliers/manufacturers can process their product data on their own as desired and enrich it with information. After successful enrichment in the portal, the data can be imported directly into your ERP system. The classification structure is irrelevant. The solution covers all common classifications (ECLASS, ETIM, UNSPSC etc.). By setting up value lists and sets of rules as well as integrated quality monitoring, you will avoid incorrect entries in the future.

Data transfer

  • Data upload via CSV or Excel (also data sheets, images, BMEcat, GS1 XML)
  • Definition of mandatory fields
  • Upload history
  • User management for each supplier
  • Easy on-boarding of new suppliers
  • Multilingual user interfaces

Data processing

  • Mapping of complex data structures and data standards (ECLASS and ETIM)
  • Use of jointly defined property lists
  • Processing of evaluations (data enrichment)
  • (Semi)automated classification of product data according to ECLASS
  • Fully automated checks and meaningful check reports on data processing, status and data quality
  • Correction of data in the system
  • Rule-based text generation
  • Log files and protocols
  • Processing of almost unlimited amounts of data

Data export

  • Flat files (csv, text, xlsx, etc.)
  • BMEcat and GS1 XML
  • Interfaces to standard systems such as SAP and PARTsolutions

Take advantage of our data know-how

As a specialist in product master data, we have an extensive network of trusted data sources, experienced data specialists and software-based procedures to classify, maintain and create your data in the system permanently and globally.

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Perfect product master data – satisfied customers

The successes achieved with the use of ClassCOCKPIT Supplier Portal vary widely: Correct product data reduces the proportion of wrong orders due to incorrect or missing master data. Customer Service can provide better advice, and Warehouse Management and Logistics also make reliable decisions. Overall, the supplier portal allows processes to be more automated and significantly optimized, which not least leads to end customer satisfaction and increased sales.

Your advantages with ClassCOCKPIT Supplier Portal

Data standards (classifications):

Classified product master data can be visualized, processed and imported into SAP in the portal thanks to ECLASS or ETIM.

Uniform and improved data quality:

First-hand quality, SAP-compliant and process-safe – this is how the ClassCOCKPIT Supplier Portal connects manufacturers and suppliers with their customers. After checks and approval processes, all data is available to you in a uniform quality.

Cloud security:

Your data is safe with us! Our reliable three-stage concept ensures maximum safety. Strato’s sophisticated IT security and availability are annually confirmed by independent German Technical Inspection Association (TÜV) certification (ISO 27001). Through a 36-digit access code, only you can see your data.


In times of digitalization, data is of enormous importance. Users and manufacturers alike need them to remain competitive. Grow in partnership with the ClassCOCKPIT Supplier Portal. Trust, customer loyalty, savings and increased sales can go hand in hand.

Time savings:

By providing a uniform data quality and structure, you can easily transfer the data into your systems.

Self-service for suppliers::

Your suppliers will receive their own login so that you can check and process the current data. This reduces your administrative expenses.

Further development:

The standard of the Supplier Portal is constantly being further developed. You always have access to the latest version.

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