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Automatic derivation of short texts from properties

Do you have numerous material masters in your ERP system and spend a lot of time creating or managing new materials? If so, we have the ideal tool for you, which will save you a lot of time when creating new material masters or changing existing ones. With the Material Short Text Generation tool, the material short text is dynamically formed from a set of classification properties depending on the material type, class and language.

Consistent and therefore uniform descriptions
Higher process reliability through higher data quality
Simplified material master maintenance

Automatically generating standardized texts in SAP

Maintaining text descriptions in SAP (such as material short texts or order texts) can be time-consuming and is a rather tedious task – not very productive and prone to errors when edited manually. Wouldn’t it be much easier if the texts simply generated by themselves? At least that’s what we think. For this purpose, there is the Material Short Text Generation add-on for SAP. With this tool, you can automatically and quickly create object texts in SAP. This way, you receive all relevant product or material information in a standardized, clear and easy-to-find manner in the internal search process.

The rule-based concatenation of defined classification properties allows you to create order texts of any length. The settings are made via an easy-to-use edit mask.

No SAP? Do you use a different ERP solution but would like to have uniform material short texts (description 1 and 2 etc.)? No worries, D&TS supports you in rule building and implementation into your system.


Generating material short texts live!

In a free 30-minute live demo, our experts will guide you through the software – so you can see for yourself how easy it is to use and how intuitive the user interface is.

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Your benefits

The material short text generator simplifies the creation of texts in SAP (SAP ECC and S/4HANA). The texts are generated automatically, using rules that can be customized. This results in texts of any length that are kept consistent throughout the company, thus enabling all relevant information to be captured quickly. Text generator enables you to automatically create all text types in SAP – major time savings for all employees!

Rule-based creation of material short texts

The automatic generation of the material short text is based on company-wide rules. Separate rules are considered depending on the class. The existing features can be combined with prefixes and suffixes.

Standardized order texts

Some items cannot be clearly described by the material short text. This often requires additional parameters that can be found in the classification (ECLASS, ETIM or self-classification). This add-on allows you to form uniform purchase order texts depending on the class. This way, other fields can also be filled automatically, such as purchase order texts or sales texts for the sales department.

Generating texts in a mass run

The automatic compilation of texts also allows subsequent use in running productive SAP systems. Relevant texts can be simulated and converted class by class via a background run. This immediately shows the benefits of the add-on.

Functions and features of material short text generation

  • Derivation of the material short text from defined classification features
  • The order text is derived uniquely and automatically from the properties
  • The field “Size/Dimension” can be generated automatically as well.
  • Simplified material master maintenance
  • Multilingual
  • Selection of properties depending on the class
  • Concatenation of property values with freely definable prefixes, suffixes and separators
  • Restriction to certain languages and material types possible
  • Simulation and mass change through background run

A successful implementation of the Material Short Text Generation add-on requires an optimal and classified database.

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From consulting through data service to implementation

As a partner of NTT DATA Solutions, we can connect the Material Short Text Generation add-on to your system in no time. We will be happy to advise you on all the possibilities offered by the rules and text modules. If you have several SAP extensions and would like to manage them centrally, we also offer you our SAP extension tool it.mds.

In addition to the technical implementation, D&TS also supports you in quality analysis, cleansing and classification (ECLASS, ETIM or self-classification) of your material and product master data. With the data service, we clean up your database, thus creating the optimal basis for material short text generation.

Our consultants look forward to speaking with you

Please feel free to call us or simply send us your request by mail.

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