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What is ECLASS?

In 2000, the German association ECLASS e.V. was founded with the aim of establishing a uniform data standard. This standard enables products and services to be clearly classified and described across all industries. The twelve founding members of the association include well-known companies such as Siemens, Bosch, BASF, Audi/VW, Lufthansa and Bayer AG, to name just a few.

The data standard creates a “language of things” that is both uniform and machine-readable and meets all the requirements of Industry 4.0. The standard is intended to avoid classic frictional losses such as incorrect orders, inconsistencies and duplicates in the data stock after (?) the integration of external product-related data into the company’s own system.

A particularly important aspect: ECLASS is the only international industry standard that is compliant to ISO/IEC standards. As a result, it is gaining in importance and acceptance worldwide. Today, more than 3500 companies, mainly in German-speaking countries, use this leading industry standard for the electronic communication of their product-related data. This applies both to internal use within a company and to the exchange of master data with national and international business partners. The spectrum of companies using this standard ranges from large industry giants such as Siemens and Bosch to medium-sized and smaller companies.

As an official ECLASS Preferred Partner Gold, D&TS is convinced that ECLASS is the best standard for master data and digital transformation.

How does ECLASS BASIC work?


For the classification of your products ECLASS:

over 48,000 product classes
over 25,000 attributes
17 languages

The structure

  • Subject area (Level 1)

    A subject area is the most general category and represents a specific industry or market. The current release 13.0 includes 39 subject areas.

  • Main group (Level 2)

    The main groups on the second level divide product classes into more specific groups.

  • Group (Level 3)

    The groups on the third level divide product classes into more specific subgroups.

  • Subgroup (Level 4)

    The subgroups on the fourth level represent a product or a product class, i.e., a group of similar products. ECLASS provides so-called property lists at this level. Attributes allow the detailed description of products and services. The properties are defined by values. The keywords and synonyms attached to each product class help you to quickly find the product classes and their property lists.

  • Properties for product description standard property lists keywords
    • Properties: enable the description of products and services with maximum level of detail
    • Values: specify the range of values for the properties*
    • Keywords: The keywords assigned to individual classes simplify and standardize the search for products.
    • Units: Based on DIN and ECE units, they are used to indicate the unit of the properties.
ECLASS is a four-level hierarchical classification system for grouping materials, products and services.
ECLASS is a four-level hierarchical classification system for grouping materials, products and services.
ECLASS is multilingual so it can be used internationally.

ECLASS provides you with the structure, D&TS delivers the rest!Would you like to introduce ECLASS into your company, but lack the necessary expertise and resources? Our service offers the solution:

01 / 06
Data transfer

Data transfer

You export your material and product master data (XLS, CSV, BMEcat, JSON, etc.) and make them available to us.

Data preparation and harmonization

Data preparation and harmonization

We prepare your data for the next steps. We analyse designations and assign uniform “standard names” for each material.

Class allocation

Class allocation

We search and find the right ECLASS classes for your products.

Attribute mapping

Attribute mapping

We map your attributes to the ECLASS characteristic lists and extend them customer-specifically.

Data enrichment

Data enrichment

We enrich your relevant characteristics with information from our databases (ClassCOCKPIT Knowledge Database).

Data provision and implementation

Data provision and implementation

You receive the finished classification in your preferred formats for integration into your systems (PIM, ERP, marketplaces). Alternatively, the classification can be implemented directly in your system using our ClassCOCKPIT SAP software.

Start the ECLASS implementation with our MDM Excellence Workshop!

MDM Excellence Workshop

Cross-industry advantages with ECLASS BASIC

ECLASS is a cross-industry standard that offers companies many advantages. With ECLASS BASIC, they can optimize their operations, work more efficiently, and benefit from the positive impact on efficiency, costs, and progress toward digital transformation.

  • Increase in parts reuse
  • Fast finding due to uniform features and classification
  • Improvement of material group management through the connection to classification
  • Optimization of the ordering process in purchasing
  • Improved tendering options
  • Increase in and compression of the information content/quality of components (end-of-life information, customs tariff numbers, weight, etc.)

Industry solutions

  • Consistent product descriptions for all platforms: Website, online store, paper catalog, data spaces, dealer portals and digital twin
  • Better positioning of products on global markets
  • Interoperability of different devices and systems
  • Cost savings in the development of own products
  • An improved integration into the digital twin
  • Seamless integration in mechanical and plant engineering through digital data provision

Industry solutions

  • Fast spare parts retrieval through standardized product data
  • Higher plant availability through improved predictive maintenance
  • Inventory optimization
  • Improvement of material group management through the connection to classification
  • Avoiding duplicates
  • Volume bundling and supplier consolidation in purchasing

Industry solutions

Discover how D&TS works across sectors and how your company can benefit from an ECLASS classification.

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