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Digital transformation: What are your biggest barriers?

Poor data quality and a lack of transparency!
Lack of digital strategy and no comprehensive roadmap
Insufficient master data management and non-existent MDM software!
Terminology problems and communication breaks, as data are not standardised!
Lack of automation in data-driven business processes!
Time-consuming manual data maintenance along the supply chain!

With ClassCOCKPIT Data Cloud you receive many classified material masters according to ECLASS at the push of a button.

Product data according to ECLASS - Only one click away

The digital transformation can only succeed and lead companies into the future if people, machines and products speak a common industry language – a standard. ECLASS – a cross-industry global data standard – reduces terminology problems and builds communication bridges by giving each product and service a unique name that can be understood by people and machines around the world in any industry, country or language. With ClassCOCKPIT Data Cloud, the use of the data standard becomes more comfortable and integrable for companies.

ClassCOCKPIT Data Cloud live!

ClassCOCKPIT Data Cloud contains numerous products classified according to ECLASS. Missing product data can be requested via ticket. Our experts will guide you through the software in a free 30-minute live demo.

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Functions of ClassCOCKPIT Data Cloud

The product data is automatically provided by the services and processes running in the background. The user simply enters individual terms such as manufacturer type, DIN, dimensions, etc., and the intelligent search delivers the relevant results. In addition to the ever-growing knowledge database the application offers an integrated ticket system and AI methods that provide users with the information they need. By integrating the ClassCOCKPIT Data Cloud into the systems, it is possible to automate data processes, e.g., the creation of material master data, classification by including characteristics and values, and duplicate checking.

Search in the Data Cloud

A search query in the cloud can be made via the simplified search “free text search” or via attribute level. The user simply enters individual terms such as manufacturer type, DIN, dimensions, etc., and the intelligent search delivers the relevant results.

Duplicate check

Before creating a material, the Cloud checks whether there is already an identical or similar material to check for duplicates.

Knowledge Database

The cloud accesses the ClassCOCKPIT Knowledge Database (KNDB) from D&TS. The Knowledge Database already contains product and material master data (all versions) classified according to the ECLASS standard, which ClassCOCKPIT Data Cloud transfers directly to the end system.

Material creation and classification in SAP

The automated material creation allows you to freely select which basic data fields 1&2 (MARA fields) are to be filled. The materials are created directly in the languages you have selected in advance (EN and DE are part of the basic configuration). At the same time, the classification is created in a fully automated or partially automated way, including: Class hierarchies, classes, class definitions, attributes, attribute definitions, values and value lists.

Integration into your systems

ClassCOCKPIT Data Cloud integrates with many on premise solutions, systems (ERP, PDM, PLM, PIM, etc.) and platforms, and can be used simultaneously by different people in different locations. Data transfer to the systems and Data Spaces takes place via common interfaces such as ESB, REST API and SOAP.

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ClassCOCKPIT Data Cloud – The new dimension of digital master data management can be integrated into many systems and enables data processes to be automated.

Cloud-based master data management in engineering

Engineering is supposed to quickly create new marketable products that excite the customers. So, there is not much time left for data administration. Tasks like the material creation or classification are oftentimes perceived as annoying. Additionally, the manual administration of material master data is one of the main error sources in companies. In this context, DSC Software AG and D&TS GmbH are happy to make an important contribution with the integration of ClassCOCKPIT Data Cloud in ECTR.

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Advantages for Users

Establish data standard

ClassCOCKPIT Data Cloud systematically delivers consistent, high-quality and standardized material data according to ECLASS

Ensured data quality

Defined data models, classification and data export standards control consistently high data quality

Reduced effort and costs

Standardized and controlled processes for the maintenance, creation and classification of your master data reduce the daily workload

Ensured processes

The cloud-based solution enables global use in the company with standardized workflows

Automated processes

By integrating the ClassCOCKPIT Data Cloud into the systems, it is possible to automate important data processes

Fit for digital transformation

ClassCOCKPIT Data Cloud enables companies to take digital data management to a new dimension – in a fast, unlimited and cost-effective manner

Fact Sheet ClassCOCKPIT Data Cloud
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Everything at a glance

In our factsheet you will find the most important information about the ClassCOCKPIT Data Cloud at a glance.

Fact Sheet ClassCOCKPIT Data Cloud


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