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Valid and classified data at the push of a button

With ClassCOCKPIT Classification, you can create, validate, refine and classify your material and product master data according to various industry standards to avoid confusion. Simply and quickly classify your data with your own artificial intelligence (AI) training sets, with information from manufacturer catalogs, defined sets of rules, and your own expertise. ClassCOCKPIT Classification also enables you to import and export various formats that can be individually adjusted to your sales markets.

Simple and fast
Automated through AI and defined sets of rules
Cloud-based solution

Successful in digital transformation with classified data

Faster development times, shorter product life cycles, advancing technological integration and increasingly fierce global competition characterize the technological changes associated with digitalization. Norms and standards help new ideas to penetrate the market, ensure compatibility of increasingly complex systems and provide uniform terminology even across industries, countries, languages or organisations. Standardization is therefore an important instrument of technology transfer that helps to master the challenges of digitalization. A large number of platforms, providers and systems have long been convinced of this and consequently work with standardized data.

Do you want to tap into new markets, expand your competitive advantages, increase your sales opportunities and drive digitalization in your company? Then you should also provide your product and material data according to one or more standards. ClassCOCKPIT Classification quickly and easily supports you in this project. ClassCOCKPIT Classification saves you a lot of time and money.

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Functions of ClassCOCKPIT Classification

ClassCOCKPIT Classification is your tool for continuous improvement of your master data quality. With this module you are completely independent because you can independently classify and optimize your material master data.

Data transfer

  • Enables the adoption of corporate product group structures (standards, self-classification, etc.)
  • Import of data via BMEcat
  • Import of data via CSV, TXT, XLSX, XML etc.
  • Import of different languages
  • Import of different versions

Data export

  • Export of data via CSV, XLSX, XML etc.
  • Export of ClassCockpit files
  • Export of data via BMEcat
  • Interfaces to standard systems such as ERP (SAP, Microsoft Dynamics etc.), PDM/PLM (Teamcenter, Windchill, SAP ECTR etc.), PIM and PARTsolutions

    Data classification

    • Classification of your data into any ECLASS, ETIM or UNSPSC releases based on automatic class suggestions with artificial intelligence and sets of rules
    • Classification of materials by adopting the product group structure
    • Full text and property search via existing classification
    • Tracker function: Results-driven classification (defining preferred parts/part groups) with dashboard function
    • Optional with Smart Data function: Support for the classification of highly configurable products
    • Optional with Data Mapper function: Create individual product templates through flexible mapping

    User management

    • Log statistics
    • Automatic backups
    • User management
    • Control via role management
    • Various language selections (DE and EN is standard)
    • Building of value lists

    Optional connections:

    Connection to ClassCOCKPIT Optimizer:

    • Detecting data errors during data import (detecting numerical/textual errors) and editing them
    • Automatic error correction based on editable sets of rules
    • Preparation of SAP-compliant data (e.g., checking the number of characters per property, property definition etc.)

    Connection to ClassCOCKPIT Knowledge Database:

    • Automatic classification and refinement of material master data with information from manufacturer catalogs.
    • Validation of your products for accuracy and up-to-dateness.
    • Obsolescence management suppor

        Classification in SAP

        With ClassCOCKPIT SAP, you can easily and flexibly import your classified material and product data into SAP. This solution not only creates your complete classification data in SAP but also all basic material data you require and a variety of other material views such as purchasing, MRP data, etc.

        Learn more

        Your advantages in using ClassCOCKPIT Classification

        Cost and time savings:

        Saving costs through simple and fast classification with intelligent AI, defined sets of rules and your own expertise

        Improved and system-compliant data quality:

        By classifying the data and refining it with additional information from manufacturer catalogs, you achieve increased product quality and eliminate friction losses everywhere in the company. In addition, you reduce process costs through SAP-compliant preparation and the simple export of your data for your ERP system.

        Flexible data export:

        The provision of many common data formats enables you to flexibly export your data to various standard systems. Your platforms, marketplaces, stores, systems, etc. can be supplied with the classified product data quickly and agilely.

        Avoiding duplicates:

        Optimal detection/elimination of duplicates through classified materials described with product-specific properties. Consolidation of master data reduces storage costs and creates purchasing advantages.

        Competitive advantages:

        Make product and material master data quickly digitally available across all borders, for a clear exchange of information regardless of industries, countries, languages and organizations

        D&TS develops a classification together with you – whether it is ECLASS, ETIM or self-made-classification!

        Learn more about ECLASS

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