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High data quality creates competitive advantages

In times of digitalization, you should consider data as a product or tradable asset and not as an annoying accessory. Because only an informative presentation of your products in different channels (such as online stores, marketplaces, e-catalogs) increases the success of your marketing and sales processes. What ultimately matters is a high level of product transparency and associated customer satisfaction, and this comes from the professional management of master and product data. Have you already mastered the management of your product data, or do you still need support?

In the MDM Excellence Workshop for Sales & Marketing, we will provide you with an overview of the value and potential of your product master data. In this workshop, you will learn how a modern MDM (master data management) can help you extend your competitive advantage on different channels, create improved data transparency and provide optimal support in customer processes.

Your challenges! Our solutions!

Many manufacturers, suppliers and distributors of industrial components face similar challenges when optimizing their product data quality. What challenges does your Marketing, Service and Sales department face?

Challenge 1:

Unstructured data sources

The information on your products is unstructured in your company. The constant search, collection, and management of this important data can cause increased effort and costs. Sources of errors arise in business processes, which may lead to strategically wrong decisions and orders.

Solution 1:

Integrate a single point of truth

To optimize your product data quality, you should combine all important product information from your heterogeneous data sources into a single point of truth. It forms the basis for your leading systems (PIM, ERP, editorial systems, online store) and other channels.

Challenge 2:

Lack of classification

Your customers and channels demand classified product data according to different classification standards (ECLASS, ETIM or UNSPSC) because they greatly simplify finding items by their properties. In addition, you need to provide different versions.

Solution 2:

Build product classification

We build you a product classification according to a standard classification like ECLASS. Among other things, we map your features to the industrial standard and provide you with several versions.

Challenge 3:

High data volumes

The amount and frequency of data to be processed is constantly growing, especially with increasing product variety. Without automated processes in product data management, you may have a high and cost-intensive effort to update your huge amounts of data while processing it manually for your customers and sales.

Solution 3:

Automatic data generation

Bei einer hohen Anzahl an Produktvarianzen empfiehlt sich der Einsatz einer speziellen MDM-Produktkonfigurator- Software. Diese Software generiert konstant Ihre Produktstammdaten anhand Ihrer Merkmale. Dadurch werden Fehler reduziert und Kosten gesenkt.

The goal of our workshops

Together with you, we will build a department-specific understanding of the MDM challenges ahead.

Based on the status quo (ACTUAL analysis), we will develop, together with you, strategies and specific measures for your master data management project considering your goals and our experience. In our workshop, we will provide you with the right tools to better market your products, to reduce process costs and to increase your revenue.

Workshop content

  • Data analysis
  • Establishment of an individual product data strategy
  • Optimization or rebuilding of a product classification according to industry standards (ECLASS, ETIM, UNSPSC etc.)
  • Provision of different versions of standard classifications
  • Professional data mapping to classes and properties of your target classification
  • Harmonization and cleansing of product data
  • Data governance: Clear rules for processes and organization
  • Establishment of processes and workflows, to maintain data quality in the end systems (PIM, ERP)
  • Provision of standard formats (csv, xls, xml, BMEcat) and e-catalogs
  • Best practice examples

Special content for after sales in mechanical engineering:

  • Live demo of spare parts catalog and service platform for mechanical engineering
  • Semantics for spare parts sales
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Workshop process


Workshop target group

Department heads, managers and experts from the following areas:

  • Sales
  • Marketing
  • Service
  • E-commerce
  • Product management

To ensure the workshop character, we recommend a number of participants between 3 and 15 employees of your company.

Your Benefits

Fact-based evaluation of your product classification
Live demo with your data in the MDM configurator
Direct consultations with experts
Best practice solutions
Professional data analysis
Duplicate results
Creation of a uniform MDM understanding/project understanding among workshop participants
Assessment of the status quo and development of the TARGET state
Detailed and specific recommendation for action with verified measures
Management summary and project profile
Return-on-investment calculation
Professional quotation
70% more new customers on average
30% higher customer loyalty
up to 95% less manual effort

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