ECLASS into SAP ECTR | Cooperation of DSC and D&TS


Partnership DSC and D&TS

Cooperation of DSC and D&TS for integrating ECLASS into SAP ECTR

DSC und D&TS Partner

Schwelm, October 19,2022: The digitalization and automation of product-related business processes are challenges that many industrial enterprises are faced with. In this context, the main focus is on standardized and completely digital product master data that can be efficiently used, reused, and exchanged. Against this background, DSC and D&TS closely cooperate as partners: They are integrating ECLASS data from ClassCOCKPIT DATA CLOUD directly and seamlessly into SAP Engineering Control Center | SAP ECTR.

ECLASS provides a comprehensive worldwide data standard for classifying products and services based on standardized, ISO-compliant characteristics. The solution ClassCOCKPIT DATA CLOUD by D&TS makes this data standard accessible and enables its integration. Thanks to the partnership of DSC Software AG with D&TS GmbH, ClassCOCKPIT DATA CLOUD is now seamlessly integrated in SAP ECTR. With this integration, users can apply the ECLASS standard easily and efficiently. And this is already possible in early process stages – including the automatic material master creation. A sustainable basis for consistent and automated business processes can already be created in engineering, with benefits for all follow-up processes.

“Thanks to the integration of ClassCOCKPIT DATA CLOUD, the master data classification according to ECLASS standard is now as easy as possible – with just one click,” explains Dominik Maier, Senior Vice President Products & Development, and Authorized Signatory at DSC. He adds: “This also illustrates how seamless, hybrid approaches on the basis of on-premise and cloud solutions will create values added in the future, enabling our users to address additional use cases.” Especially right from the start of the product lifecycle.

Engineering is supposed to quickly create new marketable products that excite the customers. So, there is not much time left for data administration. Tasks like the material creation or classification are oftentimes perceived as annoying. Additionally, the manual administration of material master data is one of the main error sources in companies. Against this background, DSC and D&TS are happy to make an important contribution with the integration of ClassCOCKPIT DATA CLOUD into SAP ECTR: on the one hand, for minimizing the expenditures for material creation and classification and on the other, for maximizing not only time savings but also data quality. “This paves the way for the Digital Twin,” underlines Paulo Ferreira, CEO of D&TS GmbH, and he adds: “Based on standard enhancement possibilities, the integration was developed by NTTDATA, SAP, DSC, and D&TS, who formed a trusting and pleasant collaboration, and the solution was already implemented by NTTDATA and D&TS.”


About DSC Software AG

Your Companion for Integrative PLM

DSC Software AG accompanies industrial enterprises in the concrete implementation of digitalization strategies focusing on the product lifecycle in SAP. With our competences in integration, processes, and implementation, we are mastering the complexity of Digital Transformation together with our customers. As an expert and SAP Platinum Partner with decades of PLM experience, DSC accompanies you not only in a consulting function, but as a companion with tried and tested solutions for your fields of application. Smart standard solutions for Integrative PLM make using SAP software easier and more beneficial than ever. Integrative PLM means: All data and processes in ONE system – SAP.

About D&TS

D&TS is an international consulting and software company in the fields of master data management and classification. As a data expert and ECLASS Preferred Partner Gold, we advise and support large and medium-sized companies in optimizing the quality of their product and material master data to automate downstream data processes. Thanks to many years of experience in various industries and countless successful projects, we can show you directly what opportunities your data offers and how you can use this potential profitably. D&TS provides communication-enabled material master data for industry and platforms. We make you fit for digitalization.

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