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The new SAP data management

Data is a strategic key element for digital transformation. Organizations can only make informed decisions, optimize processes and drive automation based on high-quality and complete master data. In the light of the numerous advantages that high data quality provides, efficient master data management is an important strategic task in many areas of a company. The goal should be to permanently ensure the desired data quality so that companies can become data-driven organizations. To achieve this, it is necessary to establish appropriate processes for recording and maintaining master data in the company and to involve the departments involved from the outset. This is where Winshuttle’s powerful data management tools and governance solutions can support you.

Accelerating processes
Creating more agility
Improving data quality

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Perfect processes require perfect data!

The optimal partner solution for your data management: D&TS provides you with the optimal data and Winshutte with the optimal processes.

Valid product master data is the most important prerequisite for processes to function successfully and automatically. Avoid incorrect master data right from the start by using a workflow to optimally transfer new master data to SAP. Learn more. ➡️

SAP Master Data Governance (MDG)

You know that your SAP master data is a strategic advantage. You may even have established a data governance framework as well as a corresponding organization and areas of responsibility for the data, defined policies and business rules. But, if you are in a similar position as many large companies, implementing these data governance policies can be a costly and tedious process. This is where Winshuttle can help you.

Use Winshuttle Studio to design Excel-based SAP solutions, thus accelerating the creation and updating of mass data while improving data quality.

The Winshuttle Evolve software solution facilitates the digitalization of strategic data processes. Automate your strategic data processes with the next generation of our automation platform and benefit from faster processes and better data.

Excel-based desktop automation

Winshuttle Studio Excel-compatible solution that allows you to automate the collection, validation and transfer of SAP data. This way, you save a lot of time and money and increase the efficiency of your processes.
Thanks to Winshuttle Studio, users can use a familiar interface like Microsoft Office to work with SAP data. By automating business processes, Studio makes SAP data management more efficient while increasing the quality of SAP data.

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Cleansing of incorrect data

As a single, integrated tool, Winshuttle Studio enables rapid deployment of templates for Excel, Access or web services to interact with the SAP ERP system. Your users can quickly download the data that needs to be changed, edit the required fields, validate the data live against SAP, and upload the new data with a single click. This allows you to considerably simplify mass data maintenance in SAP, such as the mass creation and modification of data records, and also to map complex scenarios with long texts and document attachments.

Winshuttle securely exchanges data with SAP in the background and keeps a log of who changed the data and when.

Accelerated processes, optimized data

Winshuttle Evolve is the only automation platform specifically designed to digitize strategic data processes – such as product launches, customer and supplier creation, setup of general ledger account and asset maintenance. Discover how you can use this platform requiring no or only little programming to achieve significantly better results, become more flexible, and turn digitalization into a competitive advantage.

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Winshuttle Evolve

Winshuttle Evolve gives you everything you need to digitize strategic data processes quickly. Unlike other business process automation (BPA) tools, the software offers comprehensive data management capabilities and deep integration with SAP, among other features. They enable internal and external employees without technical SAP programming knowledge, automate their processes so that your company can digitize faster and on a larger scale. You also avoid cost disadvantages resulting from poor data quality and lack of compliance.

Automation at enterprise level

Winshuttle Evolve enables you to create flexible workflows that can handle complexity and keep pace with a dynamic competitive environment.

Correct data management

Build a set of data guardrails into your digitized solutions that ensure your data is accurate from the outset. Evolve provides robust data management capabilities from field value selection to live validation and field standardization.

Deep SAP integration

Digitize complex SAP processes faster and build powerful solutions. Evolve includes a comprehensive set of SAP features to get you started right away.

New software built on a solid foundation

Winshuttle Evolve is the latest generation of the Winshuttle Foundation automation platform that companies around the world use to digitize complex, data-intensive processes. Our partner, Winshuttle is excited to deliver a new state-of-the-art platform built on more than 15 years of experience – one that will help users thrive in today’s fast-paced digital economy.

Take the opportunity to switch to Winshuttle Evolve to drive your digital transformation.

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Winshuttle optimizes SAP master data processes


Improving SAP data quality

IT-centric master data management tools require specialized skills, deployment times are long, and they are designed for the four core areas – materials, customers, suppliers, and finance.

Using Winshuttle Evolve, employees without SAP programming skills can develop solutions that anchor and enforce business rules in your SAP landscape. This enables companies to control the entire lifecycle of their master data. You can significantly improve data quality for a fraction of the time and cost of complex IT tools. As a result, you free up your SAP IT resources to work on other projects. 

Service for high-quality product information

Integrate D&TS‘s web-based content and classification service with the Winshuttle automation platform and optimize the quality of your data as it is created. With the D&TS solutions ClassCOCKPIT ClassificationClassCOCKPIT Knowledge Database and ClassCOCKPIT SAP, you create your material and product master data to be up-to-date, consistent, classified and complete in SAP right from the outset. This way, you provide the most important basis for all processes that go hand in hand with digitization.

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Your advantages with D&TS and Winshuttle:

Reliable search and find

Increased efficiency throughout the company

Cleaned and transparent database (avoidance of duplicates)

Fewer parts in the systems (less creation of new data)

Standardized process flows and approval procedures for creating and changing new material and other master data

Clear authorization and quality check concepts through flexible workflows

Process acceleration through shorter search times

Optimal material and product master data complying to processes

ECLASS as the basis for digital exchange of information between machines and with your customers/suppliers

Automated classification process

From consulting through data service to implementation

We would be happy to advise you on building your master data management strategy and implement your individual process for the optimal creation, maintenance and classification of master data in SAP.

In addition to of the consultancy and the technical implementation, D&TS also supports you in quality analysis, harmonization and classification (ECLASS, ETIM or self-classification) of your material master data and product SAP data. With our data service, we clean up your database, creating the optimal basis for your strategic data processes.

MDM Excellence Workshops: The optimal start to your data management project.

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