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Individual ECLASS on-site consulting

We answer your questions – online or on-site


    Since 1999, D&TS GmbH has been offering innovative IT solutions and services evolving around master data management and classification. D&TS ensures high-quality and sustainable (master) data quality for large and medium-sized companies. Our expertise and technical know-how are represented internationally by two additional locations in Lviv, Ukraine and the ECLASS Offices in Portugal and Spain.


    You would like to learn how the ECLASS standard works and how you can use it to optimize processes in your company? You would like to receive information on how to combine your material group key in purchasing with ECLASS? Would you like to learn how to optimize your maintenance with ECLASS in order to effectively prevent system failures and thus minimize operating and maintenance costs? Or would you like to know how you can create an electronic catalog (e.g. BMEcat) with product data classified according to ECLASS without major effort?


    D&TS offers an introductory consultation online or on-site, in which you will learn how the ECLASS standard benefits you, how you can use it optimally in your company, and how you can respond to customer requests on the topic of “ECLASS”.


In addition to your individual questions, we will also address the following questions, among others:

      • What advantages does the ECLASS standard offer you?
      • Where can you use ECLASS in your company?
      • Which departments/areas are affected by a changeover?
      • Which software decisions have to be made?
      • Which other eBusiness standards are a good complement to ECLASS?


ECLASS offers advantages for all industries!


Advantages for mechanical/plant engineering companies

      • Local and global consolidation of material master data
      • Standardized classification of individual parts and assemblies
      • ECLASS integration in engineering and purchasing
      • Increase in master data quality based on ECLASS classification for products and services


Advantages for component manufacturers/suppliers:

      • Development of new and optimization of existing customer groups via e-business and digital product data exchange
      • Increase in productivity and competitiveness through the established ECLASS standard format


Advantages for manufacturing companies:

      • Harmonized and transparent master data based on ECLASS classification
      • Reduction of spare parts inventories and storage costs
      • Ensuring plant availability


    D&TS consults and supports you in all phases of the ECLASS implementation.

Would you like to book an initial consultation?

Then please feel free to call us or simply send us an e-mail.

Stefanie Gers

Managerin Marketing & Vertrieb

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