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ECLASS Release 12.0

ECLASS Release 12.0 – now available!

The new ECLASS Release 12.0 has been published and is now available for download. It contains around:

  • 170,000 Change Requests
  • 1,650 new classes
  • 200 new blocks
  • 3,000 new properties
  • 2,300 new values

Check ECLASS 12.0

The following versions are available for download:

  • Basic CSV in DE & EN
  • Basic XML in DE & EN
  • Advanced XML in DE & EN
  • Update Files in DE & EN

ECLASS Download

Brief overview of the most important changes:

Subject area 27 “Electrical engineering, automation and process control technology”
Ongoing content expansion and structuring of the existing content.
In particular, 27-27 was completely revised and 27-17 was newly created.
Subject area 34 “Medical device”
Addition of classes, characteristics, keywords and values, e.g. in 34-32 (implant) and 34-54 (therapy device) as well as extension of basic characteristics
Subject area 36 “Machine, apparatus”
Additions of characteristics and values in 36-41 (pump)
Subject area 48 “Sport, play, leisure time”
Development and restructuring of the class structure
Subject area 51 “Fluid power”
Continuous content extension and introduction of important ISO characteristics
Revision of the 9x classes
Clean-up of fuzzy 9x classes, e.g. 90 “Other

Our ECLASS services at a glance

Would you like to take advantage of ECLASS to drive digitalization in your company? But you do not have the necessary expertise and resources to classify products according to the ECLASS standard and thus optimize data quality? Then use our data service:

  • You provide us with your product master data
  • We search for and find the right ECLASS classes for your products
  • We reclassify within ECLASS releases or also from ECLASS to another classification
  • We provide you with our ECLASS-defined practice-oriented property lists which you can specifically complement
  • We enrich your relevant properties with corresponding information from our catalog database
  • You receive the finished classification in the preferred format for your systems

We support you from the strategy to the implementation so that the use of ECLASS realizes its full benefit for your business. We will be happy to inform you in our professional workshop.

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