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Data onboarding

Requesting and checking product master data made easy

The amount and frequency of your suppliers’ product master data that needs processing is constantly increasing. In addition, the necessary product data is not delivered in the desired quality. Also, diverse data and file formats delivered make it difficult to import them into target systems. Product master data which have not been classified by suppliers (e.g. according to ECLASS) also affect articles searches since a search via properties is impossible this way.

At the end of the day, poor data quality costs you and other companies thousands of dollars. This does not include time losses and additional expenses due to additional coordination loops or manual data handling.

Only automated request and check mechanisms as well as release processes in your product data management can efficiently counteract this. The solution is a self-service for suppliers that reduces the use of internal resources.

Supplier portal at D&TS – the best data quality for product master data

The ClassCOCKPIT Supplier Portal from D&TS handles cross-supplier product data management for you and optimizes your business processes in terms of data onboarding. The key features and benefits at a glance:

Setting priorities

Prioritize data onboarding by, for example, selecting only active product data or specific material groups for the portal. Then make sure that in any case, the most important products are available in the sufficient quality.

Defining target data structure

Determine in the portal how your data structure should look like. This is because a target data structure is the basis for collecting external data and structuring it uniformly. This way, product information can be identified later and its completeness and consistency can be ensured. Our software can map the prevailing data standards (such as ECLASS) including product classes, properties, property values and corresponding property assignments.

Central system for the collection of your product data

The portal offers versatile formats and interfaces to distribute suppliers’ product data to all other systems in the company.

Validation of product data during collection

The ClassCOCKPIT Supplier Portal checks the data quality according to your specification and notifies you when new data or information has been provided. This way, you achieve maximum transparency concerning data deliveries. Defined workflows, automated quality checks and approval processes ensure flawless data quality.

Efficient information and communication channels to your suppliers

In the portal, you ensure that your suppliers have individual access to all relevant information so that they can identify and correct deficiencies in their master data themselves. Editing can directly be done in the software or is made available for upload in “data packages”. Flexible data formats are available such as Native Excel® files, CSV or BMEcat.

Perfect product master data are the success factor for future-proof companies

Classified product data, automated data processes and a smooth exchange of information are the basis for your networked corporate world. Get off to a DIGITAL flying start! We will be happy to support you with data onboarding.

Learn more about ClassCOCKPIT Supplier Portal

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