Automated master data management in SAP

The internal material master creation process ties up resources and requires a lot of discipline to ensure high quality. Despite trained users, incorrect entries or the creation of duplicates cannot always be avoided. ClassCOCKPIT Cloud is an SAP-integrated add-on solution that you can use to optimize your information procurement processes as well as internal master data creation and maintenance. The software enables you to increase the quality of your master data and reduce human resources.

Secure processes throughout the organization
Reduced effort and costs
High master data quality

SAP master data management: automated and effective using ClassCOCKPIT Cloud

In the material master of a medium-sized mechanical engineering company, 50,000 to 200,000 data records of standard parts, mechanical and electrical components are quickly created over the years. The result of the enormous flood of data is time-consuming and error-prone master data creation and maintenance. Manual recording of product data requires a wealth of expertise and strong discipline. Data sheets and manufacturer catalogs can serve as information suppliers. However, defining and filling the right material groups, properties and values remains a time-consuming and costly challenge.

The ClassCockpit Cloud add-on can provide support here. It helps the user with the automated creation of standard and catalog parts and with a classification according to ECLASS. The designer or the master data department can search for a required part according to various criteria. The search query is submitted to the ClassCOCKPIT knowledge database, which contains the prepared and classified data. The results from the database can be compared at property level, making it easy to identify differences. The result is additionally compared with existing materials from the backend system to detect possible duplicates. If the searched part with the required property values is not available in the ERP, the user can reasonably create at the click of a button. From now on, the material masters with the required basic data and classification are available in the ERP.

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Functions of ClassCOCKPIT Cloud

The ClassCOCKPIT Cloud developed by NTT DATA Business Solutions and D&TS has a practical background and automates the master data collection and maintenance. All properties, classifications and material short texts (according to ECLASS) are available in an SAP-compliant form. The software was developed with a modern and device-independent user interface based on SAP UI5 and SAP Fiori.

Search in the cloud

The search query in the cloud takes place at property level. Optimized search results are obtained through predefined search criteria as well as additional sorting and filter options.

Duplicate check

In the cloud, an automated duplicate check can be performed before the material master is created. It is based on a similarity search considering class characteristics[BW1] [SG2]  and values.

Knowledge database

The cloud accesses the knowledge database of D&TS. This contains classified and consistent product data complying to processes. The materials are uniformly prepared, harmonized and classified according to ECLASS. The standard and catalog parts contained in the knowledge database are prepared for an automatic material creation in SAP.

Material creation and classification in SAP

Found materials can be created directly in the SAP table MARA (basic data 1 and 2). In addition, a variety of other fields can be defined and automatically created/filled. Also, an automated creation of classes and properties in the SAP classification takes place at the same time, i.e., creation of relevant classes with properties. The material creation and classification (classes, properties and values) can be multilingual (GER and EN*) in SAP.* Other languages on request.

ClassCOCKPIT Cloud has a user-friendly interface


Classcockpit cloud_Duplicate check and searching in the cloud

Your advantages with ClassCOCKPIT Cloud

Secure processes across the company:

ClassCOCKPIT Cloud enables global deployment in the company. This way, you sustainably ensure that the data quality is consistent at a high level. The correct and complete master data is available to everyone at all times.

Reduced effort and costs:

Uniform and controlled processes for the maintenance, creation and classification of your master data reduce the daily effort. You avoid regular cleansing projects for consolidation and harmonization.

Data complying to processes:

This solution provides you with data and information customized to your processes.

Classification according to ECLASS:

The provision of material master data in accordance with the ECLASS industry standard support, e.g., process optimization since the unique classification of your materials enables you to quickly find each item.

Developed and optimized for SAP:

This solution is designed specifically for SAP. The complete functionality is optimally aligned and adapted to these requirements.


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